Posted on Feb 14, 2022 by Macro Mike

Created by: @noashealthyeats

Our Mixed Berry White Choc Almond Protein infused in the sweet, fruity coconut filling and coated it in a yummy choccy to create this dreamy snaackkk!⁠


  1. Prepare your jam on stove or in the microwave by mixing together the ingredients on low heat mashing everything together. Set aside to cool in a jar or small container before popping it in the fridge.⁠
  2. Now melt your chocolate with coconut oil . Using half of the chocolate divide between 8 Silicone or paper cupcake cases. Press the chocolate up the sides and then freeze for 15 mins to set.⁠
  3. Prepare your filling. Mix together your jam, sweetener & yoghurt. Now add in protein & coconut mix until combined. Roll into 8 balls and press into the cups. Cover with remaining melted choc & pop in the fridge/ freezer until set. Enjoy :) ⁠