Posted on Jan 14, 2021 by Macro Mike

Created by: @noashealthyeats

Prepare your tastebuds for the best vegan treat you've ever made yourself, unless of course you get someone else to make these for you! You'll need our creamy salted caramel Macro Mike AB Almond Butter, vegan white chocolate, crisps cereal (for crunch!), coconut cream, and maple syrup. Try not to eat the whole batch at once! Its gluten free, dairy free, and macro friendly :)


  1. Prepare caramel by whipping /whisking all ingredients until smooth, then set aside.
  2. Now melt the white chocolate with oil and place 1 tbs or so in each cup cake case.
  3. Evenly distributed the caramel into the middle of each cup so that the melted chocolate slightly raises on the sides.
  4. Place 1 -2 tbsp of crispy cereal into the remaining white chocolate and distribute evenly over the top of the caramel.
  5. Freeze or refrigerate until set.