General FAQ's

Yes the entire Macro Mike range is plant based / vegan friendly and our entire manufacturing facility is free from any animal based products. We’ve got you covered with zero compromise in taste.

The entire Macro Mike range and our Production facility are both entirely Gluten and Dairy free. To find out more about our allergy policy click the link here.

We only use natural plant derived sweeteners like stevia, monk fruit, thaumatin and erythritol. We don’t use anything artificial and have crafted a blend of perfectly tasting products with no funny aftertaste or anything artificial.

All our products are Non-GMO and contain only 100% natural ingredients. We don’t use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

If you can't find a particular product or flavour, you can find this is exclusive to our Australian website. We ship internationally from our Australian warehouse.

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All our products are made at our Macro Mike HQ which is in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. We’ve got a passionate and talented team who have perfectly crafted the art of making the best tasting plant protein and healthy snacks in the universe. We have strict HACCP international food safety standards and vigorous quality control programmes to maintain our high quality of products and exceptional taste.

Generally all our products have 6-12 month shelf life from purchase. Very occasionally products may be shorter dated if we are discontinuing a range or transitioning to new and updated branding or packaging or items are in a sale.

Our Powdered Peanut and Almond Spreads are the perfect lower calorie alternative to high fat, high oil and often processed spreads. Our Peanuts / Almonds are roasted and dehydrated to remove most of the fat leaving a high protein, high fibre powder. We blend this with natural ingredients to sell a wide range of epic flavours which you can then add water or plant milk to and turn into a high protein low calorie spread alternative. As well as using the spread as a direct replacement for your nut butter you can also add the powder straight into smoothies, oats, coconut yoghurt or use as a high protein gluten free flour.

All our products are ‘Macro Friendly’ which means nutritionally balanced. Some are very low in carbohydrates and may be Keto Friendly but as with all specific diets like ‘Keto’ we recommend speaking to your health care practitioner or dietician to see if they’re right for your individual needs.

All our products are ‘Macro Friendly’ which means nutritionally balanced. Some are low fodmap and we generally use low fodmap / gut friendly ingredients in all our products. However, as with all specific diets like ‘Fodmap’, we recommend speaking to your health care practitioner or dietician to see if they’re right for your individual needs.

Yes, absolutely. We have a range of samples for sale on our website. Check out our samples here.

The vast majority of our range falls under the category ‘Protein fortified foods’. Our protein powders, baking mixes, bars, and nut butters are all safe to consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We recommend you speak with your doctor or health care practitioner before consuming the goodies from our sports supplements range. Our products are all natural, plant based, and contain no artificial ingredients or nasties, but it’s better to make sure it’s right for you. Also, our products will say on their individual packets if they are unsuitable so look out for this too.

Here at Macro Mike we only use products from suppliers that are vigorously tested for everything from banned substances to heavy metals and only use and manufacture with ingredients that pass all our strict requirements to keep our customers and athletes safe. We also work with the leader in banned substance testing here in Australia to randomly batch test products and in 2023 we will have a small range of products which are ‘Hasta’ certified, meaning every single batch is banned substance tested for the elite athlete Macro Mike customers.

It’s no secret that 2020-2023 has been a battle for supply chain and from time to time some of our products may become out of stock. There’s a handy button you can click on all your favourite products which will allow you to be notified when it comes back in stock. This is the best way to keep in the loop so as soon as it’s back you can grab it before it sells out again. It’s located on the individual product pages where you would click add to cart. We’re working hard over the next 12 months by scaling our production facility to ensure we can maintain the highest possible amount of products in stock for all our epic customers and appreciate your understanding and patience.

We currently support Lay Buy so you can pay off your orders over time interest free and receive your goodies right away.


Yes we love working with influencers and ambassadors who are genuinely passionate about our products. Please apply here.